ALBION San Diego is a professional soccer club based in San Diego, CA  currently competing in the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), a USSF professionally sanctioned league ranking at the 3rd division of the US Soccer pro pyramid.  In providing a professional pathway to over 10,000 ALBION youth, spread out across 15+ Affiliate clubs around the United States, ALBION San Diego intends to move up the professional ladder and provide pathways for top players looking to develop and be transferred to higher levels of professional soccer, both domestically and internationally.    

ALBION SC the youth academy was founded in Point Loma in 1981 and is one of San Diego’s earliest and oldest soccer clubs with deep roots and tradition in the local San Diego community. We get our name, ALBION, from two San Diego pioneers of the game who would regularly take their players to England to visit their favorite club, West Bromwich ALBION. Today, over 40 years later, ALBION SC has grown into a club of over 150 teams and recognized as the model club in the US and has affiliates around the US. It is also one of the only clubs in America to successfully build a “full pyramid” organization – a professional soccer team that sits atop the organization, a high performance development club, and  full club academy and juniors program rounded off by community programs that form the base.